Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 20/90

2 miles done today... dvd calls for cardio but I'm bushed - it's SO not happening!  Still logging food though I didn't make the best choices today.... I do feel better at the end of the day than I did at the beginning!

Catching up.....

30-Day House Cleaning challenge With Crystal with Money Saving Mom:

Starting SIX days late because of my week of not being in my regular schedule!  I am free for the next couple of days and thought I would see what I can do.... my housekeeping skills are negligible and I have a HUGE house to keep - and a boatload of decluttering to do...  ANYTHING will help! 

So... here's what I accomplished today:

Day 1 - Surface clean living room and kitchen  (kitchen stays pretty good - I am fairly regular with wiping down cabinets & doing floors every couple of weeks.... hubs is the BOMB with neatening!  So I focused on the living/dining area)
       Dusted & polished (quickly) all furniture, locating stray items as I went around the room..... even caught a couple of lamps and picture frames as I went :-)   I re-homed and handled most of the stray items.... vacuumed and mopped.  [still have ONE hotspot where the small strays collected - I pledge to handle that before dinner!]

***Strangest thing I found was hardware from when the tv was mounted a year (2 years?) ago..... I THINK what happened was that a) it was unneeded and left on the floor after the tv was mounted, b) somewhere along the line I got sick of vacuuming around it and picked it up off the floor and set it on a shelf under the end table... and c) it has lived there ever since.  I really need to do better!
  Day 2 - Clean bathrooms
         Can I say YUKKKK!  I have 4 bathrooms - mine (the public main floor bathroom), my husband's, the other main bath that my son's share for showers and a private one off one of my sons' rooms.  Mine is handled fairly regularly - since I USE that one.  And the guys handle their own....  BIG mistake!

Anyway - I started mine and hit the other one on that floor.  Oh my.... that one was half the size with less than half the stuff and took twice as long to clean :-(  Okay - not whining... LEARNing... I NEED to oversee this process :-)
It's not done to my satisfaction but I made sure I got it fairly decent so I could leave it for now.  I was going to stop because I am really tired - but peeked into the other bath anyway.  One of my sons had taken responsibility for it since his girlfriend comes over quite a bit and uses that one.  Oh my AGAIN!  45 minutes later, I feel a little better.... I'm not sure I would even quite call that one decent.... but it's lightyears away from where it WAS so I am satisfied FOR TODAY.  And I do not have what it takes to look at the private one.... not today :-)

****Weirdest thing here is that my husband's trash can is gone and he has no idea where....  go figure....   No worries... I'll replace it and the old one will probably turn up right back in its place in the bathroom :-)

Aside from this project - I also finished a book this morning, did 5 loads of laundry, have black bean soup in the crockpot for this week's meal (and freezer), mac 'n' cheese prepared and ready to cook, and a pound of navy beans soaking.  Made juice for myself this morning :-)  I've cleared the yard of branch debris from the shrub trimming that took place this week while I was gone.... and have walked 2 and a half miles!  Sheets are changed, linens are switched out and I'm still awake :-)

Plotting the next moves..... Days 3 & 4 are to surface clean bedrooms and then extra rooms.... Days 5 & 6 bring me back to the living room, kitchen and bathrooms so I will skip those for now and bring them into rotation on the appropriate days... and move on from there!


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