Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 37/90

Man, it's been a long time since I posted!

So much has happened and I'm still on a track.... note I didn't say ON TRACK... but on A track!

My resolve to follow 3 rules for 90 days has taken a hit but is still there....
    1-2 miles daily
    Daily dvd
    Log food and follow parameters

More about these below!  The weather is gray and I don't feel well.  Nothing I can put a finger on but just not well.  I have felt this way for a couple of days - kept pushing the training... took a rest on Sunday and did 2 of my 3 scheduled miles yesterday.  Still kind of punk :-(  I am thinking perhaps I am overtraining.  Today is supposed to be a dvd - tomorrow 5 miles (and dvd).  BECAUSE I still feel out of sorts, I think I will skip the dvd.... and plan on miles only tomorrow.  Or see how I feel tomorrow and do the 5 miles with Leslie Sansone (who will work my abs and arms at the same time :-)

Today I will focus on respecting my body's apparent need for rest and on food.  Real food in a healthy mix.

Something I am doing is working.  I haven't taken measurements in a while but I HAVE lost 6 pounds and a pants size so that is something :-)  And other than the last few days, I have felt stronger and better.

So that's where I am right now.  Below is the plan I set out for my 90 day time frame.  By day 80, I will decide how to navigate the NEXT 90 days :-)

    #1 Continue with 1-2 miles daily.... CHECK!  This appears to be a life habit now though of course some days are easier than others! [Note: I have been actively building this habit since January 2012]

    #2 Follow the schedule for Supreme 90 Day system (the $20 younger sibling of P90X) CAREFULLY.  I have to modify the modifications! 

But it gives me good guidelines (and a schedule) for strength - FOCUS - work.   The trainer is knowledgeable and not annoying..... the participants are gym rats.... not too annoying :-)  And there are enough dvds that if one does aggravate you, you can move on tomorrow!  The workouts themselves are short (20-30 minutes) and heavy on planks/shoulders.  My shoulders often give me trouble so I improvise and substitute other dvds.  Many of the Biggest Loser trainer dvds (Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels) include a second short workout with a focus on a specific body part. 

I like having a schedule that tells me - today is Abs or Legs or whatever. [I often like Bob & Jillian's (and Biggest Loser) dvds but I get bored so easily that I can't seem to follow the same dvd for more than a couple of days!  And the BL ones feature the contestants who sometimes annoy me.. LOL!!  any excuse, right?  When you watch the show and didn't like a contestant or a specific season, it makes it hard to do the dvd :-)]

And whatever the trainer (Tom Holland - Supreme 90 Day) on the dvd says about higher weights... I am seeing progress by being conservative.  Beginners need to start much easier than these dvds (IMO)  Injury will hamper my progress much more than using a lower weight will :-)

     And in the last few weeks, I added my 3Day walking training to the mix.  This has slowed down the dvd system some but I expect that will get back in gear as my body adjusts.  I also am utilizing Leslie Sansone's walking dvds to help rack up those miles AND do some work on arms & abs.

     #3 Log food and try to stay within parameters.    Not good the last week or so.... but I hate logging my food LESS than counting calories and I think it is important.  I tend to be a grazer.... I feel hungry and I go to the fridge or pantry and grab the first available thing that attracts my taste buds.  NOT what my BODY NEEDS, but my taste buds.  In order to handle true hunger (which I'm not sure I recognize), I need to know that my body is nourished.

I am using some guidelines from the book Coach Yourself Thin (by Michael Scholtz & Greg Hottinger) to ensure that my body gets the nutrition it needs.  [(check out http://novowellness.com/) to learn more about these guys.  I first caught up with them on the Biggest Loser website where they work as fitness and nutrition experts) - but have since worked with them in other places.  The emphasis with them is BUILD YOUR OWN LIFE.... in other words - it's your life, take charge!]

Very simply, I am shooting for X servings of different things.... what I pulled (for me) is: Protein 9 servings, Dairy 1 serving, Fruit 1 serving, Veggie 4 servings, Fat 5 servings, and a 200-calorie snack.   Now - I do not worry one bit about more fruits and veggies :-)  And I only pay attention to the fat by NOT fussing about nuts and avocados. 

But I tend to OVER-carb (bread, pasta, rice) and UNDER-protein .... so keeping track is just smart.   My game plan is to simply watch portions, log what I eat... and regroup mid-day to determine what's left.   Sometimes I can separate hunger from boredom / emotion by looking at the data. 

I use this as a tool to ensure that I am nourished NOT as a tool to punish or berate myself.

Other "food things" I do to help my health is mostly eat REAL unprocessed food... and TRY to keep only healthy options in my immediate vicinity.  Sometimes problematic since I have 2 young adults who have the autonomy to bring JUNK in and are more than willing to share :-)  BUT I have the right to say NO.  (I also keep a running list and supplies for acceptable go-tos when the taste buds / emotions win! - like yogurt, string cheese, cut veggies & hummus, etc)

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