Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Slapping my hands!

Have you ever tried hard NOT to buy things?

And that voice keeps getting louder and louder!

The exercise dvd that a month ago I would have bought and not thought twice (and would prob be sitting here on my tv unopened).... is on sale now....  with extra dvds in it...

... and it is a smart purchase

... and it has a lot of applications that will help as I age

.... and I can really use it

But I still haven't caved.....

And then today, I see some fabric at half price!  An assortment of beautiful pieces that have shiny stuff on them!

Oh my goodness, I am feeling like a magpie!

......and it is a smart purchase

.....and they go along with a quilt I am planning

..... and they will work with fabrics I already have

Now... truth

the exercise dvd WILL sit around here unused until I get around to it (or, honestly until I get injured and need this particular application)  [at which time I can STILL order it and USE it when I need it]

and the fabric?  I will love it, no lie.

But it will probably sit in its box ( the last one I bought still is) until I get around to starting the quilt I am thinking about.

And both the dvd AND the fabric will stare at me and I will feel guilty for NOT using them.... or I will ADD things to do to my agenda so I DON'T feel guilty when I see them sitting around.

Better yet... if I manage NOT to make these two purchases......  that is a nice chunk of change to put in my savings.

still slapping my hands though - the fabric is really making me crazy!

How about you?  What automatic consumer purchases do YOU make that maybe aren't serving you so well?

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