Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 4/365...

What a mixed bag of a day!!

A good day overall... but difficult to maneuver.

The people around me are struggling with emotions....  not hard to understand this time of year.  Me too.  Life is uncertain.

But I want to find the JOY.

Every day.

Hence - my two HUGE joy moments today [besides the beautiful clear blue sky and reasonably chilly temperature!]

My handwork group had a luncheon today - for Christmas... I brought a selection of the jams and pickles I made last summer as gifts.  What a wonderful group of supportive people!  Selfishly.. they make me feel good.  I like to be with them and it was a great couple of hours.  Better yet that I didn't know it was a celebration and I just showed up!  I didn't have time to stress over a holiday function.... only the gift - and I already decided NOT to stress over that :-)  Whatever I canned is good enough!

I hate that I worry so much about not being good enough - BUT no more!  Not this year!

And my other HUGE JOY is my son coming home from college.  He won't be here long - because he has another life that he is living - and I remember how that is :-)  I will just enjoy him while he is here and be happy for him when he goes.

Life is good!

What were your JOY moments today?

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