Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 3.....

The joy of ordinary days.....

Staying at home today, I got to putter around in my own world

Nothing magic to report.... Beautiful weather in the morning... oppressive cold gray rain in the afternoon and evening.  I had an agenda - as usual...

a list to follow [or NOT follow - as is often the case]

I am building a life.... trying to live my days the way I want my life to go

I take walks and enjoy my surroundings....

handle my household chores.... [always a challenge to stay focused!]

got the tree finished :-)

..and try to keep my own emotional self in hand while those in my house swirl in their own turmoil.

My intent is to be sympathetic.. to help where I can...  but NOT to let their mental state drive me to the same location!

Isn't that always the challenge?  To keep your own self above water?

 And I did .  Life is good.

For me, it's the small things.

Getting the sheets changes - is there anything nicer than fresh sheets when you get into bed at night?

A crockpot of food for tomorrow (I will be running around during the day)

a couple of quilt blocks pieced for a class that I am behind in...

just a day of lovely catching up in my own space.

and a new project to dream over..

I took pictures of some of the ornaments as I finished the tree....  these particular ornaments have stories and I will write them.  [of course, at this point, I sort of regret giving all the kids' childhood ornaments back to them as they moved out because I probably should have written the stories first.. BUT... time will tell of the importance or not :-)]  Anyway - I have some to play with - and thinking about it made me smile.

It was a good day for me.....

How was your day?

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