Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 7 / 365

Today I write about determination.

The Sunday before Christmas...  first the service....

   then hurry to get people out so decorating can happen
                   and the children can practice singing...

I leave quickly so they can get to it... and I can go about my own grocery shopping..  trying to get home to spend a little time with my family.

Myself?   I am tired too.  The events of the last 2 days have been exhausting....  personal victories... looking back, there are things I could have done better.  But getting through the social events without a shutdown OR a meltdown is huge!

The result is exhaustion today.  And the sugar / salt "food' readily available isn't helping me or anyone else!  So I am determined...

to come home

and eat a piece of fruit...

or cut veggies

or something that will help me feel better.

And the mood at home is down,


Do you ever walk in the door at home... that place where you have spent the whole day longing to be..  and the atmosphere of discontent smacks you in the face?


TRUTH:  I am responsible for my own feelings and actions.

And in this 60th year of my life, I accept that responsibility.  And I will find JOY!

So..... with my college boy heading back to school tomorrow... and my spouse struggling in his own way with the holiday happenings....  I made my son's favorite chex mix snacks for him to take back with him.

Making this for him brought me JOY!

I still find myself paralyzed with the cards and chores - but that is probably because I am still kind of tired.   I have done a good job of preparing.. and bought enough food to be able to pitch in where needed with no extra hassle on my part.  I am good.  I am ready. 

Tomorrow is another day with its own challenges and tonight - with the making of the first batch of chex mix under my belt - I will be happy.

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