Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 8

Gray, cold, wet.....

No one home but me

Why, oh WHY can't I stay home and putz... getting ready for the next few hectic days?

But I can't

I promised to work
I need to go to the store for the LAST last time before Christmas.


I left late - and muddled through

the store was crowded..
work took longer than I expected
and I had another errand to do before I could go home

But there were smiles along the way - and hugs - and the expectation of being able to stay home for the next few days and get things together.

One of the factors in my life that I need to work on is the way I structure my life on days I go into town.  I have an hour commute each way... and, somehow.. on those days I go.. for however long... the day is shot.  I am absolutely WHUPPED when I get home.

So I will work on strategies this year to minimize the anxiety of days away.

But for today..  I will be grateful for the friends and family I encountered today

for the chance to brighten their day and have them brighten mine

and head home to figure out how to muddle through the next few days.

How's your Christmas Day prep coming along?

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