Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 16.... Sick

 A little germ has taken hold

and my own worry and Christmas junk food excess has allowed it.

I mean - I know people with good attitudes do get sick - but I also know that, for me, I get more sick... feel bad longer.. when I worry or get upset about it.

Just a head cold - but a reminder!

So I've spent the last few days - alternating between napping... and chafing to get things done.  Being able to stay home is encouraging me to make lists....  [and even do some of the things on the lists!]

My craft storage... what a mess!  All the traveling in October & November... choosing portable projects and supplies.... has left me with assorted mixed bags of yarn and unfinished projects...  Time to get that all straightened out again and set up January's work!

And the fabric!  Again with the traveling... not really time for machine piecing or quilting.. so things are stacking up.. projects I want to do.. projects I need to finish...  plus my own personal habit of - end of month (NO new projects, only work on things already started)

But I am tired.  So a little putzing and sorting is good - but too much leaves me overwhelmed... so I am grateful for feeling well enough to do just a little.

I am grateful to be able to stay home at all (thanks to friends at church who filled in for me today!)

A little online banking and reconciling... (end of year coming up fast!)... and more reading...

And pretty enough weather to stroll a bit outside....

Yep.... sick....

but a good day!

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