Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Gifter vs Scrooge

One of my biggest gripes about Christmas is all this giving......

This ONE time of the year when one is expected to give, give, give....

Not that I mind giving.. [though I look like Scrooge on Christmas Day!]

I am a gifter.

All year long.

I love to give things to people and make them smile.

I do NOT like to be told when to give and what to give.  I do NOT like the cultural judgment when I choose not to.

And somehow we have created a time where we have to give to everyone.  And we are judged by what that is.

I DO LIKE the annual reminder to think about those who serve us....  the nail tech, the hairdresser, the UPS person...

But how many times has MY UPS gift gone to a sub?

And how many boxes of candy does ONE nail tech need in December?

And I hold my stance.

I give all year...  I will prepare cards for my favorite service people and give them out in January or February (Valentines is good, don't you think?)

Even Christmas cards are really annual greetings - who says they have to come at Christmas? 

I may show up at your holiday party with just myself... or I may not come at all - as I simplify my life.

Why must this be a time of excess?  Doesn't that miss the point?

Where is the JOY in excess?

I have specific things I give my family on THE day.
Every year. 

I usually choose a specific item as my random giveaway as I travel through the season..  candy canes, homemade ornaments... this year I learned to make jelly so I have a million little jars of treasure that I will be giving away for a while...

It simplifies my holiday season.

And I give homemade and sale bought things all year long. 

So I think I am a gifter - just not a Christmas gifter....

At Christmas, I am more like Scrooge.

Wed. Jan. 1 – 3 Mega Miles!
(OR walk for 45 mins. / OR count 6,000 steps)
Thurs. Jan. 2 – Walk It Off in 30 Days (Burn 30 segment)
(OR walk for 30 mins. / OR count 4,000 steps)
Fri. Jan. 3 – Walk It Off in 30 Days (Firm 30 segment)
(OR strength train Lower Body)
Sat. Jan. 4 – Belly Blasting Walk
+ Healthy Abs & Back segments
(OR walk 30 mins. OR count 4,000 steps)
(ADD Core exercise)
Sun. Jan. 5 – Walk after Sunday Dinner with family or friends … don’t count minutes, miles or steps …. Just walk, talk, enjoy your loved ones! Ok … let’s “count” only our blessings!
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