Saturday, May 9, 2015

29 Gifts... Day 9 Fabric.. and a surprise!

I'm a new quilter

And I love fabric

If you know sewists... you know we like to see it.... touch it.... play with it..... hoard it :-)

Last week at my craft group meeting, I overheard one of the other ladies talking about a quilt she was making... with very small pieces... and she wanted each of the pieces to be a different fabric.

In case you are wondering - that is like having several hundred different colors and prints of fabric.

Anyway... since I have been sorting through my stash and making scrappy sorts of things this year....  I have lots of little pieces already cut and sorted by color.

Today I took my little bags of small pieces as a surprise so she go through them and take anything she can use.

As predicted, she was thrilled! 

But what surprised me.... I had also mentioned to her in passing that I would like to learn the technique she was using.  It is portable and done by hand but looked like something I could take with me and do with a minimum of fuss and clutter when I travel.

She had taken the time to write out detailed instructions and attached samples so I could figure it out on my own.  Seriously - detailed like a lesson plan [or online video tutorial]

Now I am the one THRILLED!  What a gift back - totally unplanned for by either of us!

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