Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thrive in Five Day 25

I am going to try to keep up with the audios and action steps while I am traveling -  but will plan catch up what I miss on the weekend.  This program (Thrive in Five by Hannah Keeley at is really amazing in that there is so much meat to it that you can do it over and over again.

Some habits and processes will take days or weeks, depending on your personal situation.. but your life will improve immediately!  It NEVER hurts to remember that you are a precious child of God and are meant to be happy.  With that in your mind, it is simply a matter of tuning in and learning how to manage your life situation.  I say 'simply' but we all know that change is not simple..... but we CAN change little by little... the same way that a little stream carved out the Grand Canyon :-)

Anyway.....  I am out of town - so I have no baking to share this week.....I was up pretty early... SOFT hotel beds are terrible for sleeping.... ARRGGHHH!  Anyway, I am pretty sore and ache-y this morning :-(

So.... some stretches.... and deep breathing to get the body awake and ready to greet the day.... a good breakfast.... and then....

..we travel 3 hours to my husband's business meeting.... and were early..... so we had lunch in a nearby mall.    I am a sucker for Asian cuisine so got some teriyaki chicken with extra vegetables... but there was so much that I ate about a third of it and saved the rest for later.  It wasn't the best choice in the mall but since it was two meals, I think it wasn't so bad, either!

My husband left for his meeting and I spent the next 4 hours there.   I had brought an easy piece of crochet to work on and had a book with me..... and managed to get 3+ miles of walking in while I was there.

Hard to believe that one turn around the mall... both floors... was a half mile.   It was kind of funny but apparently a lot of people do their walking in the mall... it was kind of a club.... you could tell by the speed of the walkers.   I'd go along for a bit and then pass someone - catch their eye,,, grin.. and keep walking... WE knew who we were :-)

Anyway, by the time my husband got back to me, I was heartily sick of the mall.. and thanks to the new Bath and Body Works scents (YUK!!), I didn't spend any money either :-) Oh.. except for a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts that just hit the spot as a treat!

And then we ordered an extra serving of veggies from the Asian place & ate our leftovers for dinner...

And then headed out for the 3 hours back to the hotel....

I was able to follow my healthy habits... my mile, salad, and green tea (though I am counting all those extra veggies today as salad - it was a LOT of cabbage!)

I did enjoy my mall time - more than I thought.  As busy as we get... it is a fantastic exercise to spend some time - getting bored.  I made tons of notes to myself.... and did a lot of thinking.... it was good.

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