Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Goals 7/52

Week 7 of 52
1. Left from Last Week (do first!)
                Monthly - air filters (okay so I STILL haven’t gotten these handled! yikes)


2. House focus – Dining Room 15 minutes daily

3.  New healthy habit: Go outside 20 min daily

4. Add quilt strip to quilt and prepare for hand quilting

5.  Do dvd or Treadmill cardio 3 X

6. Birthday cards: personal and church

7.  Weekly menu: Crockpot Onion soup, cook turkey breast, bake brownies and/or cookies for Valentine surprise

8. Get tax info envelope started

9.  Crochet 4 dishcloths

10. Blogs:  Schedule Children’s Liturgy posts
                  Send notes to new contacts from writers’ group meeting

            Scan photos (30 min weekly)
            BAKE new bread
            Crochet projects
   Weekly Movie night
            Desk 15 min daily – financial & personal
            Health habits: mile / green tea / salad / fruit / pedometer

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