Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy Habit Week 6

So how are you doing with the healthy habits??

I have heard from a few folks on Facebook who are trying to do this with me..   the thinking is that if we build a life with healthy habits... (health (and weight) will follow!   How's it going for you?

In February, we are trying to gather information and face facts.  So in February, we will have two habits a week.... one fact-checker.... and one daily change to work on.  Last week, we wore a pedometer all week to learn how many steps we take in a day.  Did you figure it out?  Are you anywhere near the recommended 10,000 steps for a fit person?

You know I wasn't.  Even with my daily mile, I will need to add two more miles to get the steps in every day.  I am still wearing my pedometer and trying to figure out how to add them!  I know that adding an exercise dvd will do the trick but I'm just not ready to go there yet...  I want to build my life and I'm not sure that an exercise dvd is going to be a regular part of it.  Perhaps 2-3 times per week.. like a class that you could go to... I will think on it...

In the meantime.... this week I want you to choose a specific time to weigh and measure.  If you do both every week.. you have a better indicator of how you are doing....  what else do you think you need to check?  Your attitude?  Your energy?  Make a note... and measure the same things every week.  It will give you an invaluable resource as you create the habits that will build your healthy life.

Okay - wait a minute.... don't WAIT until you create a fancy spreadsheet or decide what to monitor.  Get a tape measure and put it near your scale and check a few things once a week.  That's it.  I check my torso measurements because I am mostly interested in health and smaller jeans :-)  I measure AND weigh because MY body seems to alternate weekly... some weeks my weight changes and some weeks my measurements do.  I like to see progress so I check all of that.  I also check my MOOD because sometimes I get really moody and I am trying to figure out foods and life choices that affect my moods.

...and the other habit is eating at the table.

Sometimes I can't do that because when we run errands, we are far from home and I take my lunch with me.  I don't mind eating in the car that way..... I really want to stop my habit of grabbing things out of the fridge or pantry and eating them standing up... or while I am walking around.  I want to eat mindfully and purposefully while I am paying attention.  Somehow I eat more when I don't pay attention..  You might not have this issue...

Anyway - that is where we are now - hope you are building your healthiest life too!

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