Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lent is Coming

I admit it... I am behind!

Life has been moving so quickly and with such an UP and DOWN of emotions that I am not sure on any given day whether I am coming or going.  While my healthy habits are improving.... my house decluttering is reaching a crisis mode.  NOT because it is dirtier than usual but because I have reached a point where I really have to deal with getting rid of possessions.  I have given away a lot - but I am at a point where I actually need to sell some things and I have no idea how.  So that will take time as I learn... item by item.. how to dispose of them like a good steward.

That said - life is not supposed to be easy.... where is the triumph in EASY?

Anyway, as usual, I digress.

I have lost track of time.  I had lunch yesterday with a good friend and she asked me what I was doing for Lent.  It knocked me over the head - Lent starts on WEDNESDAY.  THIS week!

And what am I doing?

Hmm..... something to bring me closer to God.... something that makes me a better person....

I took a look back at last year's blog entry.... and I can see that I was on the road to where I am now.  The things I was focused on then are more fine-tuned now but similar things.

Last year was the first time I worked systematically at cleaning out the freezers and pantry.  And I've done it a couple of times since then.... one just last month.

I took an online course about Jesus last year.  I'm not doing that this year but I AM working with a group at church to produce a passion drama... so I will count that as a Lenten offering :-)

Many years I have done 40-day reflections where I read and journalled every day.  Last year I WROTE daily reflections.  I'm not feeling quite as inspired this year as I was last... but I may try my hand at it anyway.  Maybe it's not about how I FEEL :-)

Some years I have made a concerted effort to DO something special.  That is actually how I got hooked into sending cards to people.. from the year I created a "Christmas card list" of special people and sent them "Hey, I'm thinking about you" cards all during Lent.  These days, we all get a little silly when we get real cards in the real mail!

The year I started thinking about tithing was during Lent.  Did you ever think... if we ALL tithed... we wouldn't HAVE to have the government take care of our widows and orphans?

So.. I'm kind of entering Lent in a weird space this year... not ready.  But it really doesn't matter... Lent is coming anyway.  God is waiting anyway...  I will ponder on this for the next few days and come to the conclusion that works for me in my life right now...... and you can read about it on my Reflections blog :-) 

 Have YOU thought about it?  What are you doing for Lent?

By the way, has little 3-minute retreats you can do right at your desk... great little spiritual breaks!  

Let me know what you are doing!

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