Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Goals 8 of 52

Last week was one of those weeks where you are busy all week and feel like you didn't get anything done.  I spent a lot of time thinking.. and 'wasting time'.  Even fussed at myself a little - but I know me... and I know that many times when I feel STALLED.... in writing, in chores, in many areas.... I am just on the edge of an epiphany.

And the epiphany is this - the crisis that just happened to us - is a blessing.  And I am blessed with the learning and the lessons that are coming.  I will write more about this later..... but I am sure that the coming weeks will bring much food for Lenten reflections (  as I navigate some new concepts and tasks I have never done before.

We start this Monday morning in a quiet place here.... my husband strained his leg the other day and is resting it.... we had our first snowfall last night and everything is closed.   It's kind of funny because the snow will be gone by this afternoon - and tomorrow I will take my guy to the chiropractor and pick up the threads of our weekly life.  Seriously nothing to be done here but RICE :-)

Today will be a blessed day at home.... preparing the weekly meals and getting started on a game plan for my Lenten project.  I've already been out for my mile walk with my dog..... actually more than a mile... the morning was quiet and she LOVES snow.  Knowing that the snow will be gone and there was no traffic.. I let her off her leash.... and had a bit of a romp trying to catch up with her :-)  We both got a little extra movement in this morning and I'll hop on the treadmill later on and catch another mile or so...

Anyway - my goals for the week are below:

1. Left from Last Week
               Add quilt strip to quilt and prepare for hand quilting (will probably wait another week due to LIFE interference!)


2. House focus – Library 15 minutes daily

3.  New healthy habit: Take fish oil daily

4. Begin Lenten Project Downsize
             A) inventory pantry & freezer for menu prep
             B) start listing books on
             C) Begin identifying & sorting items for sale

5.  Do dvd or Treadmill cardio 3 X

6.  Birthday cards: personal and church

7.  Weekly menu: Turkey Rice Soup (2 kinds so that I can freeze some), make chili

8.  Work on tax info gathering

9. Blogs:  Schedule Children’s Liturgy posts for Lent
                  Send notes to new contacts from writers’ group meeting
                  Start Lenten Reflections
                  Catch up on Journey

            Scan photos (30 min weekly)
            BAKE new bread / crochet dishcloths
            Crochet projects
Weekly Movie night
            Desk 15 min daily – financial & personal
            Health habits: mile / green tea / salad / fruit / pedometer / outdoors

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