Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crochet Post! Items I finished up last week...

 This morning dawned bright and clear.... the snow is gone and what water froze overnight will be melted soon.  It's still quiet - the dogs aren't even awake so I have a little time to think before our daily mile :- 

I will be going to town soon, taking my hubby to the chiropractor to check out the knee injury he managed to acquire over the weekend.  I'm a little nervous about it - though he is gaining a little more use of it every day.  AND since the man was working with a chain saw.... if he walked away from it with only a knee strain, I am blessed!


I missed posting dishcloths last week - and this one too - but will get back to it next week, I promise!

Below is a photo of the Valentine hats I made for my cutie pie grandgirls!  They turned out really cute :-)

Cuter on the girl than flat on the tablecloth!

and then - for fun - several days worth of patterns from www.bestfreecrochet.com - Maggie Weldon's 2012 pattern-a-day!  Lots of little crochet motifs to applique on something... someday....  probably HATS!

..and then - I FINISHED an afghan :-)  Hooray - I LOVE finishing them!

This is the second of the afghans in the Martial Arts World colors.  All symbolic representing the different levels of belts and uniforms as students progress through the ranks.  This one is destined to be a raffle item to raise money for the exhibition team.  I will start another one soon as a gift for my son when he tests for his black belt.

What projects are you working on?

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