Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Healthy Habit #8

Fish Oil - for me :-)  Supplements in general....

Fish Oil - a source of those awesome Omega-3s..... good for my heart - and my aging eyes..

In general, I think we should get our nutrients from FOOD.

But there are exceptions.

I don't eat fish.  I don't like fish.  I NEVER eat it.  And cold water fish is the primary source of Omega-3s.  I found a product that I can take that does not taste fishy (either going down or burping back - sorry.... but most pills I have tried come back at me with that fishy taste!)

SO I take (when I remember) my spoonful of oil.  Because I need this every day... I have a deficit if I rely on my diet.

That 'remembering' part - that is why I need to focus on this habit.

I also take a few other supplements for issues I have not been able to correct with food.

So, here we go - choose your supplement - and remember to take it!

What do YOU need to remember to get into your system?


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Come and see!

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