Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday morning after a long week......  one of those weeks where most of your good intentions went right out the window!

Not a bad week really.. just off to a slow start... yet so many things happened that I was pretty much a bystander trying to hang on and figure it out.

Do you ever have weeks like that?  In control?  Not exactly....

My new-found attempts at area focus in the house.... didn't happen well at all....  But the key is that they DID happen in some capacity.  While the designated area (porches) was 100% neglected.... I did do a little sorting and tossing in other areas where I happened to be at any given time.  So that's something.. and anything is indeed progress!

Healthy habits?  Pretty good, all in all.... I did my morning dog walk (mile) and even increased my steps with an afternoon walk - not sure of the distance there.. but I have managed to end each day with over 6,000 steps.  NOT the recommended 10 - but a super improvement on the 3500 I opened 2012 with :-)  Still good with the tea and fruit and the salad.... eating at the table hasn't gone so well... but I haven't been mindlessly binging either.. so I call it a win..

I am treading water in other areas like paperwork and greeting cards.... but treading water isn't drowning.. so again.. a win....

AND I think I almost have mentally processed most of the week's events so I can prepare to make a little more progress next week.

Today we are off and running early... my son is testing for a belt in his martial arts class.... and tomorrow is church activities.  I will do my quick list of "have to's" and stick a few in here and there while I enjoy my family!

I think the best part about today is knowing that - while I did not make progress the way I planned... Neither did I backslide by eating inappropriately or torturing myself.  Things just ARE... and I am still working on goals...  Life has happened... interrupted... and I am still in the game without losing ground!

So how was your week?  Are you making it worse by beating yourself up or are you getting better about recognizing that life happens!  Life keeps on happening.... and interrupting!  Having good habits to survive the interruptions is a HUGE bonus :-)

Here's to a better week ahead!

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