Friday, May 8, 2015

29 Gifts..... Day 8... Accepting a Ride

I walk for exercise.

I live in the country and am known as eccentric because I do not own a golf cart to get myself from Point A to Point B [typically anything from a quarter mile to 2 miles].

A trip into town to stop at the library and the post office is about 4 miles round trip - and I consider it a good use of an hour and a half to walk in to take care of those errands.

Anyway... I was on my way back home with about a half mile to go when I passed a neighbor's house.

She was getting in her cart to head to my next door neighbor's home.

I waved and kept walking as usual.

She backed out and came up behind me as I continued on.

She stopped and said, "I know you walk for exercise, but I would be glad to give you a ride."

My initial reaction was to say.. "Thank you anyway, I like to walk"

But I didn't.

For some reason.... for the first time ever...  I said, "Sure.... it's not far but I've walked a lot already today."

And I got in.

Oh my goodness....  she started talking and it was non-stop until she dropped me at my door.

I thanked her so much for her kindness.....

but got the feeling indeed

that allowing her to give me a ride

was a gift to HER.

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