Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday ..10/13/2015

It's been a busy week - where I feel like I am meeting myself coming and going....  I am going away for a week on Saturday so I am in a flurry of deciding what to take with me to work on... what to finish up now.... and what to have ready to tackle when I get back!

Our beach weeks are in a condo - sort of a home away from home and I almost always take my machine with me.  And this year I have basted projects to quilt so I will take one or two of them.  Or I will take some boxes of scraps to cut up and get in order.... and of course, some handwork.... hexies, binding, and the Hawaiian applique projects.    Decisions, decisions....

But for this week, I've been trying to hurry up and get my grandson Nico's quilt finished.  It's really cute and I'm tickled with the way it turned out.  BUT, in my haste, I messed up the binding and have had to rip out the stitches.... re-stitch and am working on hand sewing it down,  With any luck at all, I will finish today in time to wash and dry and drop it by my daughter's tomorrow. 

Otherwise I will either have to make an extra trip into town or wait til I get back from the beach.  And I'd kind of like to have it checked off my list!  I will share a photo of the finished quilt before I give it.

I have made progress however....  I have moved along in the 4 grand Christmas quilts....  one for my 3 year old BIG MACHINE guy....
This one needs one more ble border strip - then basting and quilting

the second side for my grand girls' Princess & Pea quilts

This is the reverse side.  The front is done with bright colors in a block pattern and goes with a book called Gabby Quilts for Friends.

This side of the quilt will go with my favorite version of The Princess and the Pea.  The one with the tiger illustrated by Janet Stevens.  When I started this project, one girl liked pink and one liked blue.  They've both changed a bit in the last year - so all the colors will be in both quilts!

and the math for the 2nd grandboy's quilt.... who is only 2 so mom chose something elegant :-)  I like the quilt but will probably make something more boyish next time (the Roads quilts I've shared before!)   I'll post a pic of this pretty top soon... all I did for it this week was math and cutting.

Oh - and the boys will be getting books too, of course - a collection of Virginia Lee Burton's that includes Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Katy and the Big Snow.

I've made progress on the crocheted lovies I need to finish.  I thought I would have them done this week too but that confounded quilt binding is taking up my brain space and time.  I have to admit that I succumbed to retail demons and did buy a little more yarn for that project.  I actually needed a couple of random variegated skeins to use up my solids AND keep my brain occupied.  So I've lost count of what I've used up - but I just added 3 skeins to the mix that will continue to use up those brights!.

I do have 24 of 31 complete though.... 2 half done.... and one started.  Still on the way and close to finished!
Next crochet project will be dishcloths for some personal requests... and then probably lap robes for the VA hospital that will help use up some of my more adult colors!

And then - just for fun..... 2 more projects I worked on

Project #1 from the Precut Primer.... by Me and My Sister Designs.  I started with the First Grade project using mini charms... I cut my own though using the same fabric.  Sorry for the bad photo - I added a close up so you can see how cute the fabric really is.

I added borders to finish it off... It is apparently a bed runner size so I will add it to my collection of finished tops that need backing and batting.... (will that pile ever be gone?  Probably not).  I did like the project and am going to continue with each project in the book (12) to increase my skills.  Next up?  Grade 2 :-)

..and some scraps used up to make me happy!  ORANGE!

I LOVE this project from McCall's Quilting!  The name is That Cat!  and can be found here.   

This wall hanging just makes me smile... (and, OF COURSE, think of more variations on the theme..... I can just see other cats in front of other colors.... aaahhhh..... another day..)

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