Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 14/90

Quiet day and not feeling my best..... 2 miles and my legs dvd today.  And spending the day getting geared up for grandbaby week!

I will be keeping the children of one of my daughters - a beautiful 3yo girl and 6mo old boy.... and another of my daughters will be bringing her 3yo over for a visit on a couple of those days.... FUN!

My challenge is to continue with miles and dvds (or equivalent this week)... and to eat right while feeding the toddlers.  I also will be preparing dinner for my girl to come home to so that will be a fun surprise too :-)

I've already done crockpot frijoles to make burritos with and a crock of chili.  Both can be frozen if I decide to do something else  but I want MY food decisions to be good ones!

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