Friday, April 10, 2015

February was Pink Scraps

I am really having fun going through my fabrics color by color.  This is manageable - for me right now..... so on I go!

So I pulled PINK... and Valentine-specific.

The little bin in the upper left is my pink 1-inch logs...... I also have one for blues.  It is from a storage container I picked at Target with 3 stackable bins that clip onto each other.  The top bin has a plastic insert for supplies.

... pieces of the 9-patch stars...

...I am working on 2 mini-log cabin projects... one is a flag for the 4th of July (see I pulled in some red!).. and one is for Easter - though I really like one of the Valentines projects as well...   I am just about to a point where I am going to have to stop or deliberately cut some 1-inch strips.  In honesty, I know I will have plenty of 1-inch strips of the colors I need if I am patient.  As I go through the year with this plan, my collection of tiny pieces will grow.

So.... on I go....  5-inch charm squares of Valentine print and red & whites
..and a free pattern I found here on Little Lady Patchwork

...gave me a new holiday table runner!  

Simply squares.... with hearts fused on.... with scraps of insul-brite quilted in the middle...

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