Saturday, April 4, 2015

One Sentence Journal 3/29/15 - 4/4/15

Sun Mar 29   Had a great lunch with Bren and Virginia today

Mon Mar 30  An amazing sunny day with surprises around every corner.  Got to connect with both my boys, worked at the quilt store, received a mega-surprise phone call (Note to self SCHEDULE a LUNCH DATE in APril), ran into someone I haven't seen in FOREVER at the grocery store (another lunch date to schedule).. and got to chat with a friend at martial arts..... and THEN an open house for a friend retiring from the library.  BAM!  Perfect day

Tue Mar 31  I love my days at home!  I got a bit of straightening / decluttering handled in several rooms, did my ttapp dvd, and got some of the cutting done for the grandbaby & lighthouse quilts. Also some work on blog posts.  I got the salad plot planted but my chest hurt so much - allergic asthma, I think - that I had to spend the afternoon napping (I know - boo-hoo)  It was a good day.

Wed Apr 1  One shift at the library... planned to go to the quilt shop but they don't need me today.... chest hurting from allergies.

Thu Apr 2  So so sick today.... chest, nausea, etc.... had to skip knit-wits but did a shift at the library.  Don picked me up and brought a pizza for dinner!  Yay!

Fri Apr 3  Still a bit under the weather.  Road trip to town with Don... I need rolls for Easter Sunday and to pick up my sewing machine from the shop.... Bless him, Don has the truck and trailer - he has a DYI agenda....  

Sat Apr 4  This chest pain is so much like when I had pneumonia.... Today my neck and ears hurt too.  I do not appear to be congested - just breathing trouble.  I wonder if I am contagious.  I worry about exposing the kids tomorrow.

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