Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quilt Stories - Christmas Panels 2015

This one started with the fabric.

I loved the panels

But they are blocks... that repeat..   Not just a panel to figure out

But random blocks.

I think I had owned the fabric for more than a year before I even knew where to start.

I started by measuring the blocks and decided to border them.  I chose two colors - a deep purple for a thin border and a rich gold for a wider border.  And put borders on all the blocks and trimmed them to a uniform size.

Now what?  No clue.... so I put them away for a while to think about.

When I came back around to them, I sorted them into piles so I could see what I had - and this is what I did:

I had 9 different pictures - so I made a basic 9-patch into the quilt I am highlighting today.  I took the rest and ended up with 2- 3 block wall hangings;

1- 2 block wall hanging and 2 single blocks that will become hot pads.

The 9-patch came together quite easily and I quilted it myself.  I did have a spot or two that didn't quite meet (needing some kind of mending)

And I performed my signature "mending"  (also known as applique :-)

I crocheted a few gold stars and scattered them randomly over the top of the quilt.... some serving as patches to hide my trouble spots.... and some not :-)

The embellishments look great!  And I keep my mouth shut about the little imperfections I just highlighted :-)

Except for here - but you won't tell, will you?

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