Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Sentence Journal Apr 5-12, 2015

Sun Apr 5  Beautiful weather - lovely morning with the girls and grands courtesy of Sarah and Cam.... and a quiet afternoon in my swing with a good book!  It doesn't get much better than this!  (I must admit that I missed seeing my boys though... but I will make it a priority to make it happen soon!)

Mon Apr 6  A crazy day!  Off-kilter all day because I drove 45 mi and found out I didn't have my license!  Had to drive home and back again.... tried to set up a check-up with my doctor and found out I haven't been there in so long that I am a new patient again...  I have to go away and CALL to set things up....   So.. missed the quilt shop altogether.... BUT had a nice LONG commute (or 2) to chat it up with my youngest (serendipity!).  Back to the library for a shift there and then home for a quiet evening Dancing with the Stars..... I do enjoy that show!

Tue Apr 7
  So - an enquiry to Mr Wizard from a company in Germany wanting to know if he'd be in the area any time in the near future....  wow... planning a vacation to Hawaii and might have to (HAVE TO?) go to Stuttgart instead....  now THAT is a sentence I never thought I would write!  This is turning out to be an interesting year.

Wed Apr 8
 Worked at the Surry library and then off to play with 2 grands.....  I had a lot of quiet imagination time with one while the other napped and then some craziness with both.  I love those kids!

Thu Apr 9
  Another good day.  I got to hang out with my favorite group of ladies at my crafting group.... and then did a shift at the library in the afternoon.  AND dinner was waiting when I got home :-)

Fri Apr 10
  Gone most of the day adventuring.... I located my favorite hairdresser (who is on her own now) and got a cut.. I located the library branch in her town and I think I can reasonably add this branch to my sub list.   Then off to visit the quilt store for a few minutes (the owner wasn't there) and then got my nails done.  My nails are a fun indulgence I've been enjoying since last fall - and I finally decided to try a chin wax....  I think I'm going to have to begin treating myself to regular clean-ups.. I feel so much better.  Silly I guess - but I've never taken that kind of care of myself much and I think I like it!

Sat Apr 11
   HOME!  I've been having fun this week working on my quilting projects - and getting the house ready for spring.  Spotted the first hummingbird this morning and got the feeders out right away!

Sun Apr 12..
   Off to work at church today.  I do like the people there but I will be glad when my commitment is finished and I can go occasionally because I want to.  I have a worshipful soul - but have not yet found a community that I am part of in my every day life.  I don't think I like having a worship community that isn't part of my life.
   Anyway - did my job and came home... the day is sunny and I am happy.  Oh - AND I spotted a robin building her nest... and got a few photos

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