Monday, April 27, 2015

One Sentence Journal Apr 20 - Apr 26

Mon Apr 20....  library shift.... and a manicure and moustache wax.   Can't believe I really did it.  Too much hair on this old lady.... tackle the chin 2 weeks ago and the stache today.  Hooray for me!  Oh - AND.. the prettiest BLUE GREEN nail polish ever.... ... that is my joy for the day!

Tue Apr 21..  HOME day :-)  the best!  Finished up some scrap quilting... walked to town and back (4.5 mi) and putzed around the house cleaning at it.  Still not my gift but am excited about the decorating details I have let go so long.  The kitchen reno is just about done and I am thinking about things to hang on the walls...

Wed Apr 22..  Library shift and groceries and my wonderful cousins coming to visit before they head out for Europe.  My son and his girlfriend came over and we had a fun evening of food and wii...  Pretty sore from my extra-long walk yesterday

Thu Apr 23..  watched a couple of male hummingbirds fight over a feeder.... what a hoot!   I mean full-out wing span posturing and everything....  I LOVE it when I can spy a treasure like that and stand still and enjoy it!  I did miss seeing my favorite lady friends in my crafting group due to a bit of a headache and just plain exhaustion.  These library shifts are not hard but I am reminded how difficult it is when you have to change up your schedule!

Fri Apr 24  worked at home today  - office work mostly... and a shift at the library and dinner out - good times!

Sat Apr 25.... working again this morning and then seeing my cousins off this afternoon... sorry to see them go but thrilled for their upcoming adventure in Europe.

Sun Apr 26.....  A SEWING day at home!  Put together a lap quilt top and worked on a few other ongoing projects....

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