Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly Goals Week 34 start Apr 20

week 4.
    Detox breakfasts / green smoothie (Pam Peeke)
    Log processed food (sugar, white flour, etc)
    Ttapp basic or Walk Away Pounds dvd X 3 not done - AGAIN
    Morning mile X 5
   Daily one Sentence journal
       & "if I were to die tomorrow" exercise
   Business: update blog for next quarter     Done
                   prepare lesson plan file for sale   Done
                   solicit opinions about websites   AND DONE!

Okay so I ate well most mornings but was running off to work or somewhere so missed the green smoothie most days. 
No dvd but did walk to town one day - which added 4.5 miles to my daily mile.  I will do it again but am sore.  Obviously I need a midway goal between one mile and 5.5 miles :-)  Digging out my pedometer for next week will be a good move.

Also - this week was the last week that I worked so many shifts at the library.  I have had to give up my quilt shop shifts in this time frame - and think I will only add back 1 of the 2 days I was working there.  That will free up a little time and help me prioritize my Thursday craft group.  This is a group of ladies I truly enjoy meeting up with and I need to make sure I keep it in my life :-)

Oh my goodness.. I am bored.... I think I need a rotating set of goals!

The good news is - that I am beginning to notice (after YEARS of work) that I am 'naturally' making some better choices.

LIKE... at a mexican resto, I am choosing fajitas instead of the enchilada, taco, rice, beans combo.  A small change, yes - but significant in veggie consumption!  At a Chinese resto - my hubby chooses a chicken dish and I choose a mixed veggie and we share.  Meat is becoming more of a side ingredient rather than meal focus.

LIKE.... Breakfasts are good choices.... whole wheat tortilla and egg and fruit.... green smoothie... yogurt, fruit, oatmeal mixture.  Becoming a standard..

LIKE... walking a mile every morning and a half 2-3 times daily most days.

Changes are happening... perhaps that is why weight is at a halt.  Maintaining is good - but now I need to drop a few - and, more importantly - FEEL stronger!

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