Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Sentence Journal Mon Apr 13- Sun Apr 19

Mon Apr 13..  library shift in the morning... errands with my husband in the afternoon... we are working on finishing up a kitchen reno and I am really excited about that...  On a more humorous (?) note.... a TURKEY collided with our truck and took off the side rear view mirror.  I know - not funny... it was really loud and a bit frightening when that thing hit... but kind of funny in retrospect [until the hubs starts combing junkyards for the replacement and has to fix it!]

Tue Apr 14..  Rainy day in fits and starts... did get a bit of cleaning out of the garden beds and planted 2 tomato plants.  It was a HOME day so I got laundry done and got to sew a LOT :-)  I was also an idiot... I carefully composed a really good birthday message for my son... and his birthday is TOMORROW.  Of COURSE I know when his birthday is - but I am indeed having trouble this week remembering what each given day is...

Wed Apr 15.. worked a couple of shifts at the Surry library today.  I really enjoy my co-workers and the work.  Learned some new things on the job.... a little sewing... housework... TAX day - what a mess we have had with a lot of eleventh hour gyrations.. but they have saved us a ton of $$ so it was worth it - but it hasn't helped with the hecticness of the week.

Thu Apr 16.... annual check-up (about 2 years late!)  BUT done :-)  Go me!  Blood pressure down from the gyn visit several weeks ago - still high but now within reason.... I'm on the right track with diet and am cleared for exercise...

Fri Apr 17...  Home for the morning, library shift in the evening.. and hubs picking up a grand girl for an overnight... good times!

Sat Apr 18...  Enjoyed my time with my lovely grand girl.... the weather was superb (pollen high though which makes breathing problematic) ....  nice drive to take her home and then dinner out with my hubby. 

Sun Apr 19.. headed to work at church today.... popped in and out and then off to run an errand or two.  Listened to Richard Rohr's podcast.. always gives me a spiritual lift!  AND found some fabric for curtains at Joann Fabric.  I am enjoying the decorating part of our getting ready to refinance :-)

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