Thursday, October 22, 2015

70 Days Left in 2015..... Day 295/365


Sobering thought...

What do I want to accomplish in 2015?

Time to get cracking!

well... what did I SET OUT to accomplish?


and enjoy

every single day.

I can honestly say that I did that to the best that my SELF and CIRCUMSTANCES would allow.  All days are not enjoyable..... but there ARE bright spots in EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And I have definitely grown the habit of looking for and finding those spots.

I am a happier person all the way around.

I SET OUT to find


And take advantage of whatever adventures came my way.

Now I am sure that I have let some pass me by...... BUT I have grabbed hold of lots of them that I would have ignored in the past.

I continually asked myself "Why not?"

And I recognized and admitted my fears.

AND I blew past many of the fears by trying new things.....

and HONORED the strongest ones by allowing myself TIME and GRACE to leave some of those alone to heal some more.

I also gave the name ADVENTURE to things I have been too afraid to do....  which includes meeting new people, driving new places, and spending time alone.  Things that are not comfortable are ADVENTURES.

So... it has been an accomplished year already.... and I have grown more joyful and more adventurous.

So - it's time to stay the course....  and move forward in other areas.

I started a 75 day program to work on health and strength and body composition by the time I turn 60.....  Okay - I am calling it a program but it's mine.... logging food, water and steps.... a goal of increasing daily steps to 12,000...  daily green smoothie and cut veggies/fruit.... and continuing the process of eating more unprocessed foods.  I do need to do strength training but haven't made much progress there!  I am losing weight and sizes though so that is good....

Crafting - I am winding up quilts and other projects and that is reported elsewhere on this blog.

Business - (personal)I will work on Saint activity programs and begin a posting of my second children's history book.  I also need to create a plan for continuing the series in 2016. (family) keeping the books up to date for tax prep.

Household - working on our winter apartment (my house is was too big for two of us so we created a 3-room area to heat in the winter)  AND on decorating the rest of the house.  ** I need to create some concrete goals to accomplish in the next 2 months**

Also need to can some salsa & make pear jam SOON to make room in the freezer.  I haven't really canned much since I went to Hawaii.. I just froze the ingredients. [I also never finished my Hawaii trip posts BUT without hearing from my readers, I probably don't need to!]

So - there we go.... just a few projects for the next 70 days....  keeping in mind that the next 70 days include:

New Year preparation

and all the attendant chores of decorating, cooking, traveling and family management.

Yeah.... maybe I don't need to make a long list of regular stuff.  Maybe the holiday and family survival is list enough!

How about you?

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