Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quilt Stories: Jelly Roll Race 2015

The first time I heard of a Jelly Roll Race quilt was when a patron brought one into the shop....  it was done in muted tones and was exquisite!

She got her pattern from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I don't usually use You-Tube because of the bandwidth usage so I searched for a print tutorial.

At the time I was thinking about making a quilt for my daughter.  She had asked for one in whites & creams.  She's particular about what she likes and I really wanted to make something she would like.  My skills are beginning to grow and I want to find something spectacular.

I found Kona jelly roll solid fabric in a range of white through cream.  (You can purchase Kona solid jelly rolls here if you like)  I thought I'd play and see what turned out!

I ended up purchasing 3 rolls and got busy!  Got the strips all sewn together... and started the cutting.  Somehow I ended up with a piece that was way too wide and way too short.  So a little more cutting and a little more creative design changing...

and here is my top!

The back is a pretty cream with swirly vines and leaves on it.  Quilted along the seam lines.. This beauty works up quickly both piecing and quilting.  Scrappy binding using leftovers..

I am thinking of embellishing the front with a large brown vine with a few leaves to match the back - but I also kind of like it plain....

What do you think?

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