Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday.. 10/7/2015

Works in Progress!!

One of my fave things to share - especially when I am actually doing something :-)

And I AM!

I put these hexie flowers together on my road trip last week

I'm still not sure how I want to put them together - but I am beginning to think with all the variety of greens, I will probably have another round of off white separating them.. I don't know yet :-)  I think I have about 10 flowers finished at this point

Still crocheting away on the 31 little blankies....  I've hit 20 now!  Getting there slowly.....  this is FIVE....  still haven't bought any yarn....

Still working on quilt sandwiches....

This a scrappy wall hanging I pieced while I was finishing up the last set of scrappy blockss I was piecing....   Loving scraps and such an elegant kitty.  Hmm.... will I get it quilted and bound in time to hang it for Halloween?  Of course!  But THIS Halloween.... not so sure...

Have actually quilted and machine stitched the binding on some of the sandwich pile.....

(which, of course, now adds to the handwork pile!)

Two of these need more actual quilting on them... but they are closer to finished!

 And that is that for now.....  still working on finishing up!  Including full bed-size quilts for 4 of my grands....  pieced fronts and backs..... will do a post on those soon!

Happy crafting!

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