Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Oct 21, 2015

This last week was all about getting ready to go to my home away from home, the BEACH at Nags Head, NC!

And, first I get to report that I did indeed finish my grandson's quilt... in time to wash, dry and deliver before I left town!


Back with autographed squares
Not fancy but my own... designed and stitched by me :-)  It feels absurdly cool to say that!

My second goal was to work on a class I am taking - Advanced Virginia sampler.  All blocks having to do with my home state - and a higher skill level so I can improve.  In other words... stuff that is HARD and I don't want to put the time into it.  <sigh>     But here is one of them....

Colonial Pavement block
But I know I need to take the more advanced classes in order to improve.  So there ya go...  I managed to finish 6 of 9 in the days before the trip...even with the more difficult cutting techniques.... that left me with little triangles.  Have I ever mentioned that I don't like to store triangles in my scrap bin?

When I am doing several projects at one time (which is my usual method of working), I usually have a scrap project that I piece in between so I don't get confused.  In this case, I am stitching the triangles together

stitching triangles between quilt blocks
pressed and ready to square up for the scrap collection.

I finished the tops for both grandboys' Christmas quilts.. and the girls' are measured and being thought about.  I will need more ideas and fabric for theirs!

I packed several quilts to finish both binding and quilting so I should have some finished products for next week..... packed some of the bagged hexies left over from Hawaii.... and cut more pieces for the grandboys' Roads quilts

I will take these so I can trace the templates and cut out pieces so they will be ready to work on later.  I had run out of the 4-inch squares and 5.5-inch squares

AND..... ta da....

3 more lovies..... 27 of 31 DONE!  With a little more persistence, I will be finished soon.  Am taking some yarn with me to the beach so we will see!

What have you accomplished this week? 

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