Friday, October 2, 2015

Quilt Stories - Summer Porch 2015

A class at my local shop got me moving again....  I work there so sometimes I don't exactly take the class but I try to make the same quilt on my own.

And this was an example.  I loved the pattern...  in Eleanor Burns Through the Seasons
This book really has a lot of nice patterns in it - you can purchase it through the link above if you like!

Anyway - summer porch.... in a class, of course, you purchase all your fabric.. and I just couldn't wrap my head around what I wanted... so I started rummaging through my stash...   And I found it!

Two bird prints I had picked up as partial yard remnants years before.... My shop had two prints that sort of matched them.... and my concept was born.

No way did I have enough of either for a quilt - and they really didn't go together.  One was summer and one was winter....  But I cut my strips and made the squares.  My plan was to make as many squares as I could and see what I could make.

So there is the lap quilt / wall hanging.  I struggle with the sizes..... technically this one and the lighthouse one would be wall hangings.... but who has that much wall?   so.. for now, they are lap quilts!  Or.. over the couch quilts....  maybe even large table toppers.... I don't know :-)  [about 40-inches square]

Also managed a couple of smaller single block hangings (about 22-inches finished)

.. and have a couple of double block hangings still in the work basket...   More than I can use.... I am thinking that in 2016 I will start having more finished than I can use or give away and might have to start selling them!

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