Friday, October 30, 2015

Gossip :-(

When I learned through the newspaper of a controversy involving someone I know,  I sent an email note of support and condolence to her adult child (I didn't know her email)  And corresponded back and forth a little.

Truly, it's not my business but she is my friend.  And that is enough.  I can be her friend regardless of the truth of the allegation.  And I can grieve with her family for the pain they are all going through.

In a separate incident, I met with some friends yesterday.  And the newspaper article came up.  And was fodder for jokes and comments.

I kept quiet.

No one there knew that I knew either party.

And some of them knew both - apparently well.

But I am bothered that I kept quiet while the gossip rolled over me.  I usually do.  Keep quiet that is.... when it's gossip.  I did make some non-committal comment about nobody being perfect.... and try to change the topic.

and that is the truth.  No one is perfect.

I mean... who has walked in another's shoes?

Who's to say that I could not have been embroiled in the same situation?  Who's to say that I might have made bad choices?  Or been crucified by public opinion - if I had put myself in the public eye.

But I am sad for the families.  I am sad for the pain.

I am sad for the people who think that another's pain is funny.

And I am still conflicted about how I should have behaved.  Somehow I feel by my very presence that I am tainted.

What do YOU do when gossip rolls around you?

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