Friday, October 16, 2015

Annual Theme

Do you envision what you'd like your life to be?

When I first started I found it difficult to figure out what I wanted in the future.

I mean.... I get all caught up in today... today's chores, today's projects, that infamous To Do List....  the closest I could come to the future was making sure I had Christmas handled,

But when I think about the future, it gets complicated.  Do I want a different house?  Do I want to write a book?  I don't really have any concrete goals. 

In thinking about it, I do know some things about the future that I want.
I know I want to be healthy and strong.
I know I want to be on reasonably good terms with friends and family.
I know I do NOT want to be a slave to my possessions.
I know I want enough money to live comfortably.
I know I value experiences over possessions.

..and as I go forward in life, more and more things become clear.

And I started thinking about things that would move me forward in the direction of the life I would like to lead..... because though I do not have a burning dream or desire to achieve.... the list above is still true.  So.... moving in that direction is enough for now..

Anyway - I have written lots of posts about changes I make and habits I try to form...  But I am not sure I have shared about my annual themes.

A few years ago, I decided to have an annual focus... just to see if it was something that would help me.  And that particular year, the thing that resonated with me was "Embrace Change"   My life was changing rapidly - and not all for the better!  But I saw day after day... that the only thing I could truly count on in life... is CHANGE!   And what that meant to me - is that CHANGE swings both ways.

Life changes.
If you are happy, that will change.
If you are sad, that will also change.

By waking up every day telling myself to "Embrace Change", I spent the year (ish :-) learning to appreciate what I have..... and looking past today when I didn't have.  And, you know what?  That attitude shift has definitely made me a happier person.  And I haven't forgotten.  I keep that motto with me..

Annual themes work for me.

Since that year, there was "Simplify", "Second Honeymoon", "One Piece at a Time", "Moving Forward" and this last year I had two: "Finding Joy" and "Adventure".

Each theme moves me forward to the life I want to have and helps me be the happiest best me I can.

So.... my birthday is coming in a few months (my personal NEW YEAR), and I'm working on my themes.   And I think two again, because it worked for me and it's my rules :-)    I know that "Get Physical" will be one..... time for me to push a little harder on my healthy journey... lose a little more weight, gain a little more flexibility and strength..... and, in another vein, time to work a little harder at face to face relationships.  Hugs are physical, right?  I've done well in both areas in the last year but want to continue to do better....

and I am still dreaming on the second one....  I have a couple of phrases rolling around in my mind... but am not quite sure yet :-)

I have time yet, right?

After all, it's MY life :-)

Have you tried themes yet?  Leave me a comment and share your experience.

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