Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quilt Stories: Lighthouse Panel 2015

        When I visit the beach, I tend to buy beach-themed fabrics that are not readily available where I live.  That is actually one of my favorite reasons to visit new quilt stores... hunting for local fabrics or new things...

     And in the Outer Banks of North Carolina I find many beach-y fabrics!  Consequently, my stash is bulging with beautiful prints I don't yet know what to do with.  One is a lovely Lighthouse print... 6 blocks, 2 repeating.    A friend was getting married.. and their proposal was at a NC lighthouse.... so there you go....  a reason to make a lighthouse quilt.

Now..... to come up with a plan...   I started with this panel the same way I started with the Christmas panel.... I chose one color to use as a border so that I could easily make all the lighthouse squares the same size.  But this time I used that color and two more to make some rail fence blocks that were the same size as the lighthouses.

The top came together quickly.... and I peeked back in my stash for the backing and came up with a sand castle print that I love but don't know what to do with!

So.. a small lap quilt as a wedding present....

Quilting was along the rail fence lines and a little creative work inside the lighthouse panel pictures along some of the lines...

Again.. a simple quilt but one I worked out myself - pattern, fabric and quilting.  A good learning step along my journey!

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