Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday Oct 28, 2015

I was at the beach last week and I took along my handwork (binding and embroidery) and my sewing machine (quilting).  And I got quite a lot finished.

I finished a gift

I particularly love the backing fabric... it has been in my stash for a while while I wondered what to do with it

Now I need to hook up with the recipient... Can't wait to see her face!

You've seen these before but I finished the binding on this one - still needs the label and I an add it to my growing collection of "quilt stories" to be published here next year :-)

and this one - I finally finished the embellishments on it - embroidery and a few buttons....

I finished the machine quilting on my jelly roll quilt and trimmed it up.

 I still need to bind it but I've put the fabric in a safe place and will have to discover that place before I can finish!  I am sure you know how that works!

I spotted a problem while machine quilting that I will hide with an applique later  (what is applique but fancy patching anyway, right>)

Had a bit of an epiphany while walking in a garden and somehow saw this little sight... and dreamed up a quilt block.  2016 is for starting, right?  I have the idea sketched out and will probably start before then BUT am continuing on my current path of working on and finishing current projects PLUS gifts for now....

So.... I already know I will be doing a little personal designing in 2016 - woo-hoo!  Didn't see that coming :-)

More binding to wind up some of the porch series (from Elanor Burns book Quilts Through the Seasons )

Spring  Porch throw

and wall hanging

and one of the Winter Porch wall hangings

2 more lovies to add to my stack - I think I am at 29 of 31 now and almost done, thank goodness!

and a hexie to add to my growing collection....

 I did a bit more machine quilting... and have lined up more quilts to be basted next weekend when I have a window of time for it.  I think I have 4 more basted and ready to machine quilt....  3 tops ready to sandwich..... 2 tops (the grandboys) that need me to piece the backings....  2 tops and backs that need more love to grow them bigger :-).. and more that I'm not thinking about yet :-)

In the meantime, cleaning out some of the handwork and finishing things up feels GOOD!

I visited a couple of quilt stores while at the beach and found fabric to finish the grandboys' quilts and work on the grandgirls.... and more to play with, of course!

So there is my week!  What's on YOUR craft to do list?

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