Saturday, October 31, 2015

Things I Learned in Year 59 #2 Emotional Hygiene

"Emotional Hygiene"

A term I have never heard


Part of taking care of myself

is taking care of

my spirit.

Taking care of my spirit
My attitude
The ways I choose to think

Is essential to a happy life.

So this year I learned to watch out for things that drain my spirit.
Even if they are true :-)

I have fought hard to learn to see truth.
Now I need to fight to create new truth.

Yes, I struggle with depression.
But I also WIN.

So I am strong and I need to remember that.

Just like I learned to brush my teeth every day so I can keep them.

I need to bolster myself up every day,
I need to be my own best advocate
I need to believe in me
I need to remind myself that I am strong and vibrant and happy.

So I can stay that way.

Because I choose it.

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