Thursday, December 3, 2015


You know I hate to think how long some of my comments live...especially ones that are truly irrelevant

This week I was a guest of some of my favorite people. And I found myself truly trying to conserve use of an item that I am usually careless about my use.

Because of a comment my host had once made about his not understanding why people use so much.

My host is a gentle non-judgmental soul.  Well, he has strong opinions but I have never seen him hold anything against anyone.  Nor have I seen him begrudge anyone what they think they need.

It was a statement delivered strongly.

But I am sure it has been 10 years since he said it

I am equally sure he has no memory of the statement though he is very logical and probably still feels the same way.

Though he would not care if I use more than he does and would willingly give me all I want.

My ego
My sensitivity
Makes a problem where there is none.
Because of a casual comment

What I use or don't use will have no impact here
But I dance around it like it matters.

His comment
My mind

Makes me think twice
About my own comments

I apologize to the world because I cannot keep my mouth shut.
I too have strong opinions
I notice things and remark on them
That is how I am wired

But I truly don't judge (I think)
And I am generous

Don't let my negative words live in your head
They may only carry importance in one moment in time
And may have nothing to do with you.

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