Monday, December 14, 2015

Little Tricks... Comfort Food 5 of 5

I would be remiss in this series if I didn't share the websites that I LOVE

Do remember I am no expert - just a busy person trying to "health-ify" her diet and bring a family along with her.

These are my GO TO sources for ideas!  I've included website links and Amazon links where available.  I think I might get a little kickback if you order from the link but I'm not sure I did it right for that :-)  I just wanted to direct you to my resources!

For Juices & Green Smoothie Ideas

My Note:  Juices take out the pulp... and I'm kind of frugal so I need ideas how to use the pulp before I will do a juice.  I lean more to the green smoothies to get the fiber in a one stop shop kind of method!  But the flavors and ideas are pretty similar.

But I LOVE juices, especially carrot-apple-ginger (pulp is great in a muffin!)

Reboot with Joe   (juice)  Joe filmed a documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.... and has documented how juices have helped him regain health.  He has written several books and has a ton of recipes.  An awesome site and a lot of good info.  Here is his Amazon link with all his books.

Simple Green Smoothies  (I find this site to be the most user friendly - ie ingredients I can find & swap... and recipes I actually like right away :-)  These ladies actually have a book now  Simple Green Smoothies by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner     and do have a "green smoothies challenge 3-4 times a year with a month of new recipes!

Incredible Smoothies   This is the site I used when I began learning about green smoothies!  Lots of good stuff here..

QUICK Grab 'n Go ideas

The Yummy Life    My absolute FAVE site chock full of natural Grab n Go prepare ahead ideas that fit my lifestyle.  I have cultivated a habit of making up 2-3 days of various grab n go meals / snacks that travel since I go into town 3-4 days/week (45 miles one way!  Can't eat out that much)

All Around Good Ideas

Cook for Good   This is the blog site for a book I learned a TON from and still use as a reference.. Wildly Affordable Organic by Linda Watson.  Great info on basic basics... how to buy produce in season... cooking beans & rice... easy basic ideas that fit in a budget!

100 Days of Real Food    Another site / author who has a lot of practical ideas for a budget.  Lisa Leake is a mom who sends whole food lunches with her children - again many grab 'n go ideas that are whole real food!  And practical packaging ideas as well!  Lisa's book 100 Days of Real Food is an easy read and full of quick fixes that will help you move on your journey to whole food.  [also really FUN to read how her family reacted to her project!]

For fun!

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day  This is a book I have had a lot of fun with!  I learned to make bread - quickly and successfully....  and I enjoy it!  And it's true.  Make the dough one day.. make the bread the next... easy-peasy...  The blog is here.   Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francoise have written several books but this is the one I've actually used and if you search my blog you'll find I have posted about at least half the book... I didn't quit baking but got tired of posting.  One of the difficulties about continuing to post about things is that I don't even know if I have readers :-)  So maybe it's just me... and if that is true - I can quit posting when I want without disappointing anyone!

I'm sure there are more I can't remember at this moment - but this is a good start for you.  What are some of YOUR healthy food favorite resources?

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