Sunday, December 13, 2015

I tried!!

Dear God,
I tried.
I was so sick at heart yesterday that I tried to add church to today's activities
It's tough but I know you know that. It's not like there is a local Catholic church for me.  And, you know I'm open to a call but yesterday's visit freaked me out. Because that church IS local. And scary
So I found a Catholic church near where I am meeting my son for lunch
And I printed out directions
And I left on time
And messed up the directions

And drove around looking for it for an extra 45 minutes.
OK 20 of those minutes were parked messing with my map app
After I gave up getting to mass and decided I would at least locate the church for next time
But I did try
And I listened to two podcast homilies
And I will get lunch with my son
So I am satisfied that I tried
And I hope you love my effort
More than my success


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