Friday, December 11, 2015

Quilt Stories - Cloudy Day 2015

I LOVE this quilt!

Usually I  love color.... and I do love scraps....  I saw this quilt at Kitchen Table Quilting 
and fell in love.  Scrappy but a muted range of colors.

I decided to make this for my selective daughter's son.  There was no pattern but it is clearly made of half-square triangles - so I chose a size and bought several yards of a background... and started rummaging through my stash.  And kept my eye out for grays and teals and dark blues....  and started making half-square triangles.

And then found out my girl preferred clear blues to aquas.....  so I went back on the prowl...  

I do tend to do well designing on the fly so I was having fun - and I like having input to draw from.  I would hate to put several months or years into a project and then find out it wasn't loved!   (and now I have lots of teal /aqua half-square triangles in my stash!  Maybe I will make one of these for me)

Once I had a good collection - I think 17 fabrics.. 2 each... and 40+ white squares cut.. I started building until I liked my layout.  I don't have a design wall... I have a bed.  And a floor.  And a dining room table :-)

The top assembled fairly quickly - and I decided it needed to be bigger so I cut more white squares and made a border around it.

Then - for the back - I decided to be scrappy again.  I used one gray (she particularly likes gray) and leftover 9-inch gray/white print squares around that. 

I quilted it in a grid following the block seams on the front.

The most fun thing about this quilt is that my husband really liked it.  He is usually complimentary but he really liked this one!  [so I really MAY need to make another!]

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