Saturday, December 26, 2015

No Direction

Conventional wisdom on blogging is.... have a direction and blog 2-3 times weekly.  Especially if you want it to be a business.

I have to say - at this renaissance time of my life- direction is definitely missing!   I mostly use this blog as a journaling tool of sorts.... and I have no clear idea of my readership... so I ask you (if you are reading).... to share your ideas of things you might like me to write about.

I am in the midst of discovering who I am... of delving into crafts and activities I want to learn... and deciding how I want to write this 3rd act of my life...  And in a sense - however meandering... that is what I think I am sharing.  My ideas.. my feelings.. my confusions and discoveries.. in this strange period.

Not so strange really.. I remember being 19-20 and under a lot of pressure to figure out what I want to be. 

And I am in the same space - without the pressure.  I already have a career or two behind me.  I also know I have a career or two ahead of me but I don't have the pressure to decide!  It is kind of fun to re-explore things I have always enjoyed to see if I can learn more or if I still enjoy them as much.

So there it is... A blog with some direction but not much.  I do have some things I plan to explore in 2016 ... 

Still quilting.  I plan to finish more of the projects I have started.  And I plan to spend more time on handwork... The hexie grandmother flower garden, the Hawaiian blocks and a new applique project that I will share later.  So you will see a lot more quilting in my WIP posts.

Still moving forward in my health journey with food and movement, so there will be posts like that

And I will continue my work on improving my clutter/ cleaning / organization. Because it is not my natural gift....

Still love the serendipity of adventure so there will be posts about taking opportunities and risk and failure

And the occasional opinion piece

I also keep at my other blogs - children's liturgy, sometimes spiritual reflections, and hometown celebrations (activity books I self-published once upon a time that feature local history).  I do have some plans to work on more group activity plans that incorporate things I am interested in - like children's books.    But time will tell on that one!

I guess the main point of this blog is to say...  Sorry!  I am not a focused person :-). I will share my journey in this third act of my life and keep exploring and sharing

Again... If you have a question or want me to research and share and opine on a topic, do speak up or email me because I do like to write and I have fun researching...

Enjoy the journey and lets see where it takes us!

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