Saturday, December 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday - ok Friday :-) 12/18/15

It's been a busy one!

The major focus has been on finishing up the 4 grandquilts.  And I did it!  I am just about amazed at myself :-)  I can honestly say now that - while I'm no expert... I do have a bit of expertise in all phases of quilt-making... design, color choice, piecing, sandwiching, quilting and binding... I'm getting there!  And it's getting easier... and I still love it :-)

I'll post the photos with a future post on my finished quilts for the year.  I am pretty sure my family doesn't read my blog but I'll keep the Christmas surprise anyway - (at least the finished product!)

So.... 4 quilts

and then 4 pillowcases to go with them

and 2 cloth books I put together for the newest grand - and the one who will arrive in January!

A secondary focus was on using up the cotton yarn in the dishcloths I've been sharing with you.  I got photos of all of them except for 3 Christmas ones.  I took them to the quilt store to give as gifts - and a customer actually bought 10 of them!

I didn't even know what to say about a price because I truly was just using up the little balls and bits... but there you go.... One man's trash is another man's treasure :-)  I took the rest to my craft group's Christmas party today and came home with just two.  I still have some yarn and am still crocheting....  I will take some of them to the places I stay over Christmas as hostess gifts.

And then - again thinking about crafts to travel with... probably hexies and cotton yarn to finish.  I have a few partial cones so I can make several that match each other ... and I have some really small bits that I plan on making facial scrubbers for myself.  For washing and/or makeup application.....

And then planning for next year.  I think I really like this 'end of year' finish up time because not only do I get to share some finishes - I also have a fallow time where my brain really gets into planning for the next year.

There are so many projects I would like to do... but I lose steam in the middle.  It's good to have a time to pick them back up and either finish or re-evaluate.  I am thinking that next year I will make a point of working on moving at least one step monthly on an ongoing project (as well as working on new :-)  And then - September again - I will focus on the Christmas gifting and the FINISHing...

Are you busy winding up crafts for gifts?

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