Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quilt Stories: Gabby and the Princess and the Pea 2015 (2)

or.... 2 quilts for 2 grandgirls...

A children's book came into the shop....

and I just had to get it for my two grandgirls....

and then I just had to make a quilt to go with it..... you can buy it here....  (and you should... it is adorable!)

this was in January & I wanted the two quilts done for Christmas.  The book comes with a simple pattern and my two tops were similar.  I had 2 thoughts in fabric choices: one was to use scraps from the dresses and tops I have made for them since they were born..... and the second was pink and blue.  Both girls love the scene in the Disney Sleeping Beauty movie where the fairies are arguing about the color of Aurora's dress... Make it Pink!  Make it Blue!  It's a little game of ours so one girl would get pink and one would get blue.

Tops were done in January and I thought I was rocking it!

But I also had the notion that I wanted to make quilts similar to this one:

There was a tutorial and I figured it all out but couldn't figure out how to quilt the negative space.... so never started it.

Then BOOM!  Reversible..... Gabby on the front in one color (bright) ... Princess & the Pea on the back in the other (pastel) and a book for each side.

A little ambitious, I know.... but there you go..  I changed it up before I thought it through.  I was worrying about the negative space so I centered the mattress strips.  (of course... NOW that I quilted from the Gabby side, it is a non-issue... but that is how you learn!)

the favorite Princess and the Pea book?  This one by Janet Stevens.  Old-fashioned story with lovely artwork

You can purchase it here if you like.

Anyway - I constructed the Princess side... and had to "grow" the Gabby side until I got them the same and close to a double bed size.

 The pastel pink Princess is backed by the bright blue Gabby

and the pastel blue Princess
 is backed with the bright pink Gabby

I used the Gabby side for my quilting... diagonal corner to corner through the 5-inch blocks using the corners as reference points.  It worked well in the center and is a little creative (you might say wonky!) at the edges - but it is fine.  Scrappy border and label... and Frozen (Else) pillowcases and ready for Christmas!

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