Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilt Stories - Big City Construction 2015

It all began with a birthday party theme.   Big trucks and machines for my 3 year old grandson.

And then the discovery of a City Construction panel by Benartex which is still available on Amazon (here) as of this writing. 

I found it at a shop.... and purchased the panel and a yard each of the coordinating prints... tossed cars on white and tossed planes on the light blue background.

I knew there was a similar stripe at my local shop and then I bought 4 coordinating brights - green, yellow, blue and orange.  My plan at the time was simply to put a few borders on it and make a throw.

But then he moved from his toddler bed to a full-sized bed while I was deliberating.  Oops!  The price of procrastination!

What now?  I put on the striped border and waited for inspiration!

And found it!  Economy blocks that featured the additional prints.  So I found a great tutorial online and decided to start with a 4.5-inch center.  I cut the strips and made as many blocks as those squares made!  (16!)

I added side borders to the panel so that I could add the blocks to the top and bottom for length.  Then purchased RED for an additional border..... then borders of the strips and another small border after that to frame it out.

I found a cute polka dot and a vehicle fabric in the same colors.... to use on the back but it wasn't big enough.... so I used the 6 extra pieced blocks and added leftover squares and strips until it fit :-)

A scrappy binding and voila!

Then a quilting challenge for sure!  I quilted around the economy blocks in and out... I took my quilt lines through the stripes and colors from the panel outward.  Did as many straight lines through the panel as I could.....  outlined the vertical lines of the buildings, the arches and then went a little bit crazy around the planes.

I loved the creative process of this quilt - but didn't like the deadline (Christmas)  All in all though - what a lot of fun!

It is messy but does the job - and gave me a lot of experience.  I doubt anyone will be too critical of the quilting - and if they are - they can hand it back and I'll quilt some more on it!

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