Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve!

Usually by this time, I have a list of resolutions and things I want to accomplish in the new year.

And I HAVE done a lot of thinking - as you know

But getting back from travelling is always disrupting and I had a granddaughter waiting for me when I got home who will be here until tomorrow.

So.. the lists, the new projects, the PLAN will have to wait... because I need to read books and cook and play with my girl.   

That said - it's not on a checklist but could be - Connections with People.....  Being present with my granddaughter is more important than making a list because I can do that any time!

I do have areas of improvement - everyone does..... and need to build more good habits to go with them

but I think this year - with a bit of a checklist - I will set up very small incremental easy changes in a positive direction.  Habit building.

I do that anyway - but keep thinking a little accountability and tracking might be good.

Certainly I have gotten pretty detailed with my crafting.... so maybe in other areas I need to be cognizant of improvement too.

2015 has been a good year.... my focus on personal JOY and ADVENTURE has led me in all kinds of directions and provided me with a good base of happiness and new experiences.  And I've made a TON of progress in both cultivating / appreciating relationships and determining personal boundaries.

My areas of improvement (I guess INTEREST might be a better term) though remain constant:
        PHYSICAL HEALTH - nutrition & movement  GOAL: keeping my body in as good shape as possible as I age
        MENTAL / EMOTIONAL HEALTH - Simply put, what makes me happy?  GOAL: to be happy, alert and interested in living until I die.
        RELATIONSHIPS - how to cultivate relationships with the different layers of people I am close to
       FINANCIAL HEALTH - How to have enough money.  Period.  Encompasses bringing it in and spending it out.... and gratitude / satisfaction with enough.

.. I will look back at previous years... I am sure there is more..

and there are concrete things that I am not sure where they go.... like focus on my craft / art.... like gradually building a little bit of a business with some of the things I do well (if not on demand!)....  like getting a better handle on decorating my house and entertaining...  like keeping my marriage in a happy place...

Anyway - lots to ponder on this day....

But for now

I'm off to do some food prep for tomorrow and help dress a doll :-) 

I can get a little more serious tomorrow! 

Happy New Year's Eve!

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