Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

As I sit here in the early morning before anyone wakes, I like to savor Christmas.

Something about this day..... a sense of rightness with the world.

My Christmas looks different this year.... Christmas Eve afternoon was spent lounging by the pool... dinner was at a restaurant.

And all is quiet this morning and will remain so.

I have pictures in my mind of the boisterous joyful mornings in so many houses.... and also quiet mornings that look like any other day.

I appreciate the memories and the roads my imagination can take... thinking of all the different types of Christmas mornings.  My own children in their own homes with their moments of festivity.

We will have a dinner later with just a few of us....  but I am grateful

oh so grateful

not only for memories and good friends

but also the knowledge that people I love are fed and warm

and I have running water and new places to go and see

Life is abundant

Merry Christmas, world!  Enjoy your day whatever it looks like.  Be kind to yourself and enjoy the little things.

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