Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Crochet Projects - Dishcloths #22 - 27 and Lovies

Still going strong on dishcloths but I am going to start adding some of the other things I crochet during the week :-)  It's beginning to look like all I make are dishcloths!  I admit though - I haven't finished much in a while... I am working on some larger projects that are taking more time.

I did crank out a few lovies for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes though... so that will help with my charitable crochet goals for 2011!

The dishcloth photo is below:

The first one of this batch (#22) is the bottom right - Country Heart Crochet Dishcloth.  This was a tough one - but only because it has been quite a while since I crocheted a pattern using 2 colors and a grid.  My heart is a little lop-sided.... but I learned enough to remember how!  And I didn't do so badly that I was willing to start over :-)  I might do this one again.... but it is not one of the quick ones to do!

The one in the center on the bottom row - #23 Holey Crochet Dishcloth.  This one looksway  more complicated than it really is.  It worked up quickly and was fun to watch it take shape!  I liked the way it turned out in blue.

#24 is the third one I did for this week.  It is on the bottom right-hand side.  I LOVE the way this one turned out!  It was fairly easy and quick and the finished product is both useful AND really pretty.  It would be a great touch to a gift package!

Back to the top left is #25 Rapid Blue Crochet Dishcloth.  The instructions call for blue & white and I used a variegated with a coordinating Williamsburg Blue instead.  This was a great one for learning (or practicing) carrying a second color because alternate rows use the different color without ending off.

Next one this week is #26 - Shell Mile-a-Minute Crochet Dishcloth.  This one was a little tricky but after I worked with it a bit and got it figured out, it was fairly easy to do.  Of course, the 3 panels are made separately and stitched together so it sat in my sewing basket for a week before I got to it!  It did turn out fine but probably isn't a favorite for the lazy crocheter.

Now this next one was a challenge!  #27 - Ocean Wave Crochet Dishcloth - named because the sample provided was done in ocean colors (not mine :-) - was tricky.  It used a stitch I wasn't familiar with so it was a good chance to practice.  And the while the effect is beautiful but it wasn't easy for me to figure out the technique.  But at any rate, I did finish it and might consider doing another one if I see a color combination that intrigues me!

So there are the 6 for this week... enjoy!

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