Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Super Simple

I read a post today from http://unclutterer.com/ and it mentioned an idea that really hit home for me. 

The concept of a month dedicated to SIMPLICITY..... no shopping that doesn't need to happen.... no new projects... no extra events..  Pare everything down to bare bones....  hmm..... I like the concept.  I am not sure that I will be able to truly implement it until summer though.  When you are involved in anything with children of any age.... it seems like April starts things heating up and then May is a maelstrom!

 My schedule already is starting to fill up with one thing or another.  Some fun.... I have a race scheduled in the Outer Banks next weekend (The Flying Pirate) and another the first weekend in May in Cincinnati (The Flying Pig).  And then May continues with proms, dance recitals and other end of year events.

Now that I have ruled out simplifying NOW..... (do you do that?  Do you come up with all kinds of reasons why you CAN'T do something?).... it's time to think of what I CAN do to make my life easier and simpler because it fits in with one of my resolutions and I can probably tie it in to others!

Let's see....
the FIRST thing I can think of is calling a moratorium on NEW projects and focus on finishing up what's already in progress.   Of course - finishing up EVERYTHING would not be a good goal for me... but finishing up WHAT I CAN is more realistic.  Most important to the process, I think would be - No NEW Projects :-)

SECOND - is my pantry purge.  I started it to help with finances - BUT I did not commit to NOT ADDING to the pantry :-)  I did well with the grocery game in January and February but have lost focus.  Time to get it back and go frugal again!

THIRD - my time!
        *Travel - I already bunch my errands together since we live so far out... but I DO have to go in most days so I waste a LOT of time leaving and returning.  I will think about what I can do to streamline the process.

        *Computer - man, it's hard to figure out how to budget computer time!
           Right now - I have financial work for both home and business, an online course & a photo scanning project that I can think of off the top of my head - not to mention basic emails for home & business, my blogs and we won't even TALK about Facebook :-)

  I will have to think about this one.  I already limit my game time.... and most of the other tasks I do in chunks.. some simultaneously (like writing & scanning photos).  I am not sure how to reduce it more or use it more efficiently.

Well... these are 3 areas where I could use some improvement - but the only clear things I see are:  NO NEW PROJECTS and EVALUATE all April expenditures to reduce / eliminate.  I will do this.. but I will definitely keep the idea of a SUPER SIMPLE scheduling month in the back of my head... for June or July :-) 

I'm sure glad I went to Panera LAST week :-)  Just kidding... lunch out with a friend is FUN and that is the GOAL of simplicity... to structure your life so that you can enjoy it more!

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